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IRS Forms

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    Order a transcrip On-line

   Order a Copy of Your Tax Return- Form 4506

   Order Your Transcrip-Form 4506T-EZ
Send Your Transcrip To a Third Party- Form 4506T
1040 EZ
1040  A

Itemized Deduction- Schedule A

  Profit or Loss From Business- Form C- EZ

  Profit or Loss From Business- Form C

  Supplemental Income and Loss- Schedule E

  Child and Dependent Care Expenses- From 2441

Educational Credits- Form 8866

   Expenses for Business Use of Your Home- Form 8829


  Depreciation and Amortization- Form 4562

Schedule Earn Income Credit Tax

Form 1099- K
Form 1099- Misc.

Form 4868 Extension

Form 7004 Business Extension

Source: http://www.irs.gov/

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